How to Enjoy a Dinner Out

How to Enjoy a Dinner Out

Type 1 Diabetes: How to Enjoy a Dinner Out

Most people love to have a break from home cooked food and enjoy eating out with friends and family. For someone with diabetes, this is not a difficult option, but one that needs a little thought, planning, and information. First you need to understand what is diabetes? This endocrine condition is essentially a problem with insulin levels in the body, due to which the sugar in the body is not effectively broken down. This is why people with type 1 diabetes need regular injections of insulin to maintain the glucose at normal levels.

There are plenty of resources online, as well as pamphlets, support groups, diets, and alternative recipes, that offer help for diabetes. These materials are useful for effective symptom management. With a little care, the right information, and healthy lifestyle choices, you can have a great time, whether you enjoy cooking or eating out.

Knowing the right calorie intake, and healthy alternatives you can choose when dining out, will make this process easy for you. As you understand diabetes and how to cope with this, you can make your life easier. Simple tips and tricks will help you enjoy the party without feeling too left out, so make sure people you eat out with know you are a diabetic.

Count the Carbs

When the meal is close to your usual meal time, take in the carbohydrates, like you normally would, in the same quantity. Keeping track of carbohydrates is very important as it is directly related to the sugar levels in the body, always get the information you need beforehand. Since insulin needs to be injected to process the carbohydrate intake at a meal you eat out, counting carbohydrates is vital.

Pasta, pizza, and Chinese food aren’t the best picks for a diabetic diner, as they tend to be rich in carbohydrates and fats. If you plan to indulge in some desserts, then cut down on the carbohydrates in the previous courses of the meal to balance it out. Fill up on salads, eat slowly, have reasonable portions, and avoid seconds so as not to overdo it when out for a meal.

Plan the Options

If you are planning to have a few drinks during the meal, then plan how many drinks you will be taking, and eat something before drinking to keep the calories in check. Two drinks for men are okay, but avoid mixes like soda, juice, margarita mixes, and tonic. Instead, opt for sugar-free solutions to mix in your drink.

It is important to remember to do things in moderation to enjoy your meal out with loved ones. Planning for something to work off the calories after the meal is a smart choice to make. Decide on something fun like dancing, or you could go for a long walk after the meal before hailing a cab home. When it comes to dessert, it is always important to plan ahead, and proceed with caution. Say no to second helpings, no matter how tempting it feels. You can also scrape off high sugar parts, like frosting or cream, to cut down on the calories.


There are about 11 percent of people with diabetes type 1, and of these people, many report having trouble with controlling their urges when eating out. This is due to an overt food disorder in most cases. You can talk to your health practitioner about overcoming cravings and get help for diabetes. You can always fill up with a salad that is filling and not high in carbs and calories. With simple, healthy, lifestyle changes, you can ensure that the condition is not one that defines who you are, what you do, and your relationships around you, both at work and home.

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Apr 3, 2014
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